Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Practical Experience

For my ten hours of practical experience I have been involved as a captain for three different intramural sports teams. I was captain of my co-rec volleyball team. I was also a co-captain for my flag football and indoor soccer teams.

For each of the three teams I wore the same jersey, which was number 81 for my team "That's What She Said"

We lost in the second round of the playoffs for co-rec vollyball, the third round of indoor soccer, and the first round of flag football.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Teaching Lesson (Boxing) 2nd day

After watching the first video, I noticed that most of the video was purely instruction. Frankie and myself were basically just giving out instruction while all of the students stood around. This time around, I feel that the students were much more engaged, as we allowed them to practice the skill in partners while we quickly demonstrated to them the correct form. There was also no management time which is great. Instead of having the students walking around and getting equipment, they were active throughout the lesson. I still feel that I have to do a much better job in terms of giving the students feedback, but with practice that will come. I am starting to feel more comfortable teaching at this point, and I feel it is only a matter of time before I really start getting comfortable teaching.

Lab C Second Day

After listening to myself teach Lab C for the second time, I feel that I am still progressing rather than regressing. I also did a much better job dressing this time, as the first time I only had a t-shirt and shorts with no collard shirt. I felt more comfortable this time, since it wasnt the first time doing the whole lesson plan thing, and I felt that this lesson plan was much more simple then the first one for Lab C. I also realized that the students had much more activity time as opposed to the last time I taught Lab C. I still say uhm alot, and that has to be fixed. As far as feeling more comfortable teaching, I believe that it keeps getting easier each time I have to teach, and I feel that each time I am teaching I am learning more and more and taking more steps to becoming a better teacher.

Ultimate Frisbee Unit

After listening to the mp3 of me teaching the 3 types of catches and backhand throw I felt that my voice was much louder then the first time I had to teach. I also noticed that I did a much better job giving the students feedback. Most of the feedback was congruent and specefic. I gave students feedback based on how they used the gator catch, overhand and underhand catches. I let them know when they did a good job closing their hands up high and also when they brought them together in the gator, as well as closing the hands low and bringing into the body. I also felt that I did a good job with the pinpoint. I used both Toby and Rose to show the class the correct forms for the catches. The first time that I had taught I felt sort of lost, I didnt know how to give correct feedback, how to pinpoint, how to check for understanding, none of those things that I feel I did a good job of doing when teaching during the ultimate unit. I feel that my teaching has definately progressed throughout this semester, and has definately improved since that first time teaching.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Importance Of Physical Education

Why is physical education so important?

Well, if you dont want to be obese like 60 % of our country then you should engage in atleast 45 minutes of activity each day.

What happens if you arent physically active?

Increase risk of heart attack, stroke, obesity, and decrease of life longevity.

What are some positives of being physically active?

Increase in energy, happiness, self-confidence, and decrease of stress.

Please view my short presentation on Physical Activity.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lad D

Today, I taught for Lab D. I feel that I could have done a much better job explaining four square. I noticed alot of people really didn't know the complete rules of the game. I think I did a decent job giving feedback, and went around asking students if they understood certain aspects of the game. I also had an intra-task variation in there by using the tennis balls instead of the playground balls. I could have done a better job dealing with the students in the class who were misbehaving, but I handled it ok I guess. Having only 15 mintues, I feel as if I could have planned the lesson better. I felt like 15 minutes wasnt enough time to really teach an entire game, so maybe I could have just taught a few skills from the game, rather than have all of the students jump straight into game play. I still feel that I am progressing rather than regressing. I feel much more comfortable teaching now, and I feel confident that each time I teach, I am getting closer to becoming the type of great teacher I wish to become.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reflection of Scavenger Hunt

My favorite activity was taking a picture with "Chugger" Davis because we found him in the hall of fame room, and that wasn't the right chugger, then we went to the club plaques by poolside and that again wasnt the right Chugger. Then, we realized we had to take a picture with the sign in front of the football stadium, so we had to run all the way down to the stadium and then back to park center. I felt that this was a very solid activity. Not only did it make us think, but it kept us extremely active the entire time. I also like the fact that it was competitive, and was alot of fun. I belive that what I can take from this activity is that when teaching, not only can one incorporate other classes and learning into the lesson, but also can make competition fun, and a scavenger hunt is a great way to keep everyone active. I think that interdisciplinary teaching is extremely effective because it takes what students learned from one class and incorporates it into another class. This is a way of allowing the students to use what they have learned in a previous class and apply it to something else. All in all, I think that this lesson kept me extremely active, and according to my graph I was active the entire time. The data shows that my heart rate was in between the desired rate of 139-175, and also at some times was slightly higher, meaning my heart rate was up the entire class.