Monday, November 17, 2008

Lad D

Today, I taught for Lab D. I feel that I could have done a much better job explaining four square. I noticed alot of people really didn't know the complete rules of the game. I think I did a decent job giving feedback, and went around asking students if they understood certain aspects of the game. I also had an intra-task variation in there by using the tennis balls instead of the playground balls. I could have done a better job dealing with the students in the class who were misbehaving, but I handled it ok I guess. Having only 15 mintues, I feel as if I could have planned the lesson better. I felt like 15 minutes wasnt enough time to really teach an entire game, so maybe I could have just taught a few skills from the game, rather than have all of the students jump straight into game play. I still feel that I am progressing rather than regressing. I feel much more comfortable teaching now, and I feel confident that each time I teach, I am getting closer to becoming the type of great teacher I wish to become.

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