Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee Unit

After listening to the mp3 of me teaching the 3 types of catches and backhand throw I felt that my voice was much louder then the first time I had to teach. I also noticed that I did a much better job giving the students feedback. Most of the feedback was congruent and specefic. I gave students feedback based on how they used the gator catch, overhand and underhand catches. I let them know when they did a good job closing their hands up high and also when they brought them together in the gator, as well as closing the hands low and bringing into the body. I also felt that I did a good job with the pinpoint. I used both Toby and Rose to show the class the correct forms for the catches. The first time that I had taught I felt sort of lost, I didnt know how to give correct feedback, how to pinpoint, how to check for understanding, none of those things that I feel I did a good job of doing when teaching during the ultimate unit. I feel that my teaching has definately progressed throughout this semester, and has definately improved since that first time teaching.

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