Monday, November 17, 2008

Lad D

Today, I taught for Lab D. I feel that I could have done a much better job explaining four square. I noticed alot of people really didn't know the complete rules of the game. I think I did a decent job giving feedback, and went around asking students if they understood certain aspects of the game. I also had an intra-task variation in there by using the tennis balls instead of the playground balls. I could have done a better job dealing with the students in the class who were misbehaving, but I handled it ok I guess. Having only 15 mintues, I feel as if I could have planned the lesson better. I felt like 15 minutes wasnt enough time to really teach an entire game, so maybe I could have just taught a few skills from the game, rather than have all of the students jump straight into game play. I still feel that I am progressing rather than regressing. I feel much more comfortable teaching now, and I feel confident that each time I teach, I am getting closer to becoming the type of great teacher I wish to become.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reflection of Scavenger Hunt

My favorite activity was taking a picture with "Chugger" Davis because we found him in the hall of fame room, and that wasn't the right chugger, then we went to the club plaques by poolside and that again wasnt the right Chugger. Then, we realized we had to take a picture with the sign in front of the football stadium, so we had to run all the way down to the stadium and then back to park center. I felt that this was a very solid activity. Not only did it make us think, but it kept us extremely active the entire time. I also like the fact that it was competitive, and was alot of fun. I belive that what I can take from this activity is that when teaching, not only can one incorporate other classes and learning into the lesson, but also can make competition fun, and a scavenger hunt is a great way to keep everyone active. I think that interdisciplinary teaching is extremely effective because it takes what students learned from one class and incorporates it into another class. This is a way of allowing the students to use what they have learned in a previous class and apply it to something else. All in all, I think that this lesson kept me extremely active, and according to my graph I was active the entire time. The data shows that my heart rate was in between the desired rate of 139-175, and also at some times was slightly higher, meaning my heart rate was up the entire class.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lab C

Lab C was very interesting. Teaching badminton for the first time was definately a good experience. Listening to myself on the mp3, I realized that I said uhm a few times, and for some reason I kept saying gonna and wanna instead of going to and want to. I do believe I gave good feedback, being most of the feedback was specific and congruent. I also gave feedback to many different students, which I belive was over half of the class. I felt a little nervous before teaching, but once I started I definately got more comfortable. It's very hard to teach something when you have never taught it before. One reason I really liked Lab C, was because we got to teach non-traditional sports. I think it is too easy to teach sports like basketball and football and I really enjoyed the idea of being able to teach something that we werent really familiar with.

Here is my Transcript if anyone would like to view it.