Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lab C

Lab C was very interesting. Teaching badminton for the first time was definately a good experience. Listening to myself on the mp3, I realized that I said uhm a few times, and for some reason I kept saying gonna and wanna instead of going to and want to. I do believe I gave good feedback, being most of the feedback was specific and congruent. I also gave feedback to many different students, which I belive was over half of the class. I felt a little nervous before teaching, but once I started I definately got more comfortable. It's very hard to teach something when you have never taught it before. One reason I really liked Lab C, was because we got to teach non-traditional sports. I think it is too easy to teach sports like basketball and football and I really enjoyed the idea of being able to teach something that we werent really familiar with.

Here is my Transcript if anyone would like to view it.

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